Your Wedding Planner in Rome

Your Wedding Planner in Rome

The Wedding Agency “Alessia & Alexander Wedding Planner in Rome” represents a successful excellence in the Italian Wedding Planning landscape, ready to care about all your wishes to make them come true.

We work in the magnificent Romecapital city of Italy, a
treasure box filled with monuments, art, exhibitions, concerts, elegant hotels and restaurants, luxury shops, sunny weather almost all the year, main airport directly connected to the city center, relax, kindness…

Here we are for a contemporary Federico Fellini “Dolce Vita”!

Come to meet us directly, email us or arrange a Skype meeting to receive a customized consulting with all the information.

High professionalism and experience, top quality options, creative ideas, special attention for the details, unlimited passion: this is the perfect mix to tailor and realize totally personalized and unforgettable Wedding Events.

If you want to marry in Italy and say “I do!” in a wonderful location of the Eternal City, we are all you need. Do you prefer a classy location or a historical building in the city center? Do you like a small poetic village in the romantic countryside? Maybe a fashion restaurant? What about a green garden or a wild beach?

Our solutions are infinite as your Love!

Our Services


The first step to plan your Wedding is to take care about the paperwork. We offer full assistance about all the legal aspects and official documents that concern the Civil and the Religious Marriage in Rome. Our dynamic Staff will be in contact with the Embassy/Consulate of your country in Rome to prepare the “Nulla Osta” required to get married in legal way. In addition, we will interact with the Municipality of Rome and the Vatican Office to complete the procedure for you. Our support continues after the Wedding Ceremony to register the Wedding Certificate. (Contact us in advance to be sure that there is enough time to organize the documents. Bureaucratic times depend from each Embassy, so the procedure changes for every nationality).


Transfers are a very practical aspect of the Wedding organization. To marry in Rome means to plan a real Destination Wedding: spouses and guests need to arrive from different cities worldwide and we understand the importance to search for the best travel solutions, according with the requests and with the budget. “A&A Wedding Planner in Rome” can reserve flights, train trips, taxi and limousine service to make sure that all the guests will be able to reach their accommodations and the Wedding venue without waste of time.


Wedding Agenda is a useful tool to manage appointments and commitments in an orderly manner, keeping all the requirements under control.During the months dedicated to the Wedding preparation, meetings with vendors, payments, deadlines can grow and need a professional supervision. We personally follow the necessities of all our couples, always scheduling a functional Wedding Agenda that includes priorities, vendors’ contracts and a customized timeline to complete all the steps. We constantly keep informed our brides and grooms about all the aspects related to their Event, to guarantee the easiest approach even from abroad.


Rome is rich of beautiful churches – embellished of artistic masterpieces – where to have the Religious Ceremony becomes a unique experience. Huge basilicas or small chapels, very linear or with Baroque decorations, our Agency will select and propose the most suitable celebration venue for the style of your Wedding, the number of your guests and the position in the city. Civil Ceremony can take place at the famous, intimate Red Hall of Campidoglio square, a strategic point for a fantastic photo session. Please notice that if you point on a specific, meaningful date for the Ceremony, some exclusive celebration venues require to be booked in advance (especially for the weekend). It will be a pleasure to verify for you all the availabilities, finding the best combinations!


Ceremony is the significant moment that underline the union of the spouses, but the Party plays a big role too in the Wedding organization! Rome and Lazio offer many places to celebrate the Wedding Party of your dreams, where to organize a lovely Wedding reception for your family and friends. You can choose among glamourous boutique hotels with panoramic view, beautiful villas with fairytale garden or fresh swimming pool, modern lofts, elegant salons where to feel like princess and prince… We will focus on the best Party venue for you, according to the season of the Event, to the number of guests and to the budget, to guarantee the most complete result.


An impeccable Wedding requires a very careful and precise coordination of all the vendors. After several quality tests and strict researches, we have built our portfolio made of selected, highly professional and expert vendors. Venues, photographers, musicians, hair stylists, make-up artists… Our top quality vendors have a strong experience in the Wedding sphere and they steadily continue to update about the most new trends to offer the best services for the best price. We are able to realize everything that you wish for your romantic dream!


Today, it is very stylish to choose a personalized “Fil Rouge” for the Wedding Day. Our Agency can analyze your preferences to study and to develop a whole “Main Theme” that will distinguish your Event from any other. We can start from your favorite colors, songs or particular decorations to create a project to characterize Ceremony and Party. Inspiration and planning will proceed as “holding the hands” to assure you a joyful, creative and tailor-made result to remember forever.


Flowers are perfect to celebrate love with soft and energetic colors, sweet fragrances and gentle beauty. We collaborate with an incredible Flower Designer that always knows how to accomplish and satisfy every request: it is possible to study for you a flower arrangement or to reproduce the style that you already like. Venue embellishment, tables’ set, bouquet, boutonnière and cake decorations: according to the season, small and big flowers of your favorite kind will be the scented scenography of your Wedding!


Cake Design is a real form of art and the Wedding Cake is a main character in the fairytale of the Wedding Day. Our Chef Company can realize any kind of cake you wish: just choose the form, the size, the shape, the filling and the colors… without limits to the originality! The Wedding Cake can follow the main theme of the Event, or it can distinguish and be a real surprise for all the guests, catching their attention. Big, small, made of one or more levels, of cupcake or macarons… we know how to satisfy your sweet tooth!


The bride is the queen of her Wedding Day. Our expert Team is able to suggest the best Wedding dress in line with the image that the bride wants to keep, with the season, with the style of the venue and of the selected decorations. Every bride must be beautiful and shiny: makeup and hairstyling, according with the Wedding dress, will complete the total look for the Event. Our Bridal Stylist service can also include Spa and beauty treatments’ reservation, outfit planning for the groom, the bridesmaids and the groomsmen and a program of “pose-lessons” to arrive well prepared to the big day.


Confetti represent a very sweet Italian tradition. Similar to candies or pralines, they consist of an almond covered by a thin veil of sugar included in a filling of different flavors (for example, from the classic white chocolate until the particular orange and rhum); another thin veil of crunchy white sugar covers the whole small structure. Confetti, generally offered in the number of five to each guest, symbolize the long life, the health, the wealth, the happiness and the abundance for the couple. We can organize for you a real Italiana Confettata, sort of “Confetti Bar” where all your guests can try and bring home different kind of flavors.


Italy is well known for the high quality and very appetizing typical food, another good aspect to value while choosing to celebrate your Wedding in the “Bel Paese”. Here it is a main goal to prepare fresh meals with excellent ingredients: we are sure that the Wedding lunch/dinner will be a delicious moment to share with your guests. Our trusted Chef Company has studied a perfect fusion of tradition and innovation both in the cooking and in the food presentation. Italian dishes and international menu selections will capture your taste!


The Wedding Day – most amazing of the life – is arrived. Photographer and videographer cover a primary role: they have to capture and to protect the eternity of all the great moments to make them last forever. Can you imagine the emotion, when in some years you will show your Wedding pictures and video to your children? Rome is a magnificent set to realize a complete photo session and to film an extraordinary video: from a classic archeological walking to bring home the beauty of the city, until a more unusual location, selected for your style and your personality, our collaborators know how to accomplish every request. According to our experience, professional pictures and video are among the most important Wedding services that should be included in the Event. Our Agency can also organize Engagement and Anniversary photo sessions/videos.


Fantasy and creativity are the keywords for Wedding Favors! Wedding Favors represent the Wedding Gadgets that you can give as gift to your guests at the end of the Celebration, we suggest to pay a good attention when you choose them. Wedding Favors have to follow the guideline of the whole Event, to be in harmony with the Fil Rouge and the decorations: our advice is to prefer something symbolic, easy to bring home by plane. An appreciated trend is to offer a small typical Italian food (jam, biscuits etc…) as Wedding Favors. There are so many different possibilities… and we can study for our spouses always the most special!

Wedding Stationery

Wedding Stationery includes invitations, place cards, tableau, guestbook, thank you cards and personalized labels, boxes and ribbons. For a unique and stylish Party, handmade creations can transform these details in something more exclusive and precious. Conventional and unconventional materials give many chances to play and to model small artworks: join our wide catalogue to mix and match the options for a refined, classy effect!


The spouses may need a special car to reach the Ceremony Venue and the Party Venue, so our Agency will care about the rental. A sport car (why not an Italian one, as a Lamborghini or a Ferrari!), a vintage car, a real Cinderella coach… More and more, the way of transport for the couple can be a helicopter, a disco-bus, a boat… How do you dream to surprise your guests?


Every year, since 2008, we organize unique Wedding Events in Rome and Lazio. Some Weddings are very intimate, involving just the couples that come here for a romantic, private Ceremony; other Weddings include the participation of a substantial number of family and friends. Our Agency can take care of the guests welcome to make sure that all of them – from a small group up to a very big one – will know what to do, where to go and how to maximize the time during the trip in Rome. We are able to book and to schedule: sport activities, beauty treatments, private tours and more for individual guests, couples and families, customizing the offer for any target you may need.

Music &

During the Wedding Party, it is good to create an entertaining situation to amuse and to interest all the guests. Music and show offer a huge range of ideas: a cool DJ set, a live, artistic performance, a dance show, a jazz quartet, a spectacular choir with orchestra… After some good food and some cheers, it is always very nice to dance, to sing and to interact with the family and friends in a relaxed, funny and spontaneous atmosphere, enjoying in happiness the continuance of the Event!

Excursions Planning

A Destination Wedding can represent a nice opportunity to plan some excursions in Rome and the surrounding area. Our Agency will select the best private tours to enjoy the most, even with a strict time available. The Eternal City offers any kind of museums (private collections, archeological, about Renaissance, Baroque, contemporary art, Italian history etc…), Segway explorations, an interesting botanic garden, churches and ancient palaces enriched by antiquities… In addition, you can discover the whole region of Lazio: naturalistic landscapes, old countryside villas, small and typical cities where to enjoy a slow rhythm of life… Wherever you and your guests would like to go, we will organize the finest excursions!


Our Agency is pleased to work with couples from all over the world. It is very interesting to be in touch with many different cultures and ideas: to guarantee the best assistance, we can provide translators and interpreters for any language required. We are able to interact with you in English, Russian and Italian and – if you will choose the Civil marriage in Rome – we always include our qualified translation of the Civil Ceremony from Italian to English / from Italian to Russian. Wherever you are from, which language you speak, do not hesitate to contact us to start to plan your Wedding in Rome!


Engagement, Wedding and Anniversary are great occasions to prepare a romantic surprise. When you decide to reach Rome to underline a special moment in exceptional way, it is necessary to plan through professionals able to guarantee the maximum success. Our Agency acts with full confidentiality to support all the Customers in love that want to donate an awesome, speechless surprise to the partner. We offer our consulting to analyze preferences, budget and options that can meet your requests, then we coordinate and supervise each romantic surprise with care and passion, from A to Z.


Rehearsal Dinner is a very important tradition and we are happy to help our Customers to organize a nice, relaxing pre-Wedding Ceremony. The best is to set the Rehearsal Dinner at a very intimate place, to share the moment just with family and friends in the most comfortable condition. The informal atmosphere can include some funny games and a short review of the program for the Wedding Day, to coordinate all the guests in the same time. Whichever is your idea of Rehearsal Dinner (casual, elegant, luxury, traditional, eccentric etc…), we will assist you to realize it.


Wedding in Rome can be the starting of an extraordinary Italian honeymoon. After the celebration, you can have a better visit in our wonderful city, then you can continue to Florence, Verona, Venice or Naples and the Amalfi Coast, to discover the beauty of the whole country. Another nice solution is to take a cruise and to sail the Mediterranean in direction of Spain or Greece. We collaborate with specialized travel agencies that can offer the most exciting itineraries to live a complete Italian experience!


All the spouses-to-be have a point in common: they are living a sensational moment of their lives, some delightful months of preparation to remember forever.
The Bridal Shower is a pre-Wedding Party where all the family and friends can bring their Wedding gifts to the bride and groom. If you come from abroad to marry in Rome, maybe you have already had a Bridal Shower at home; if you would like to organize it in the Eternal City, you will receive all our support for a pretty event with a customized design for pins, a candy bar and many other attractive ideas that can divert your guests. Contact us for a personalized consulting!