Food and Drinks

Food and Drinks

Cake Design

There is nothing better than a tasty Wedding Cake to celebrate properly after tying the knot!

Italy is the motherland of delicious food and – of course – your Wedding Cake have to be magnificent, to hit and to conquer the attention of all the participants.

Built of many levels (we can suggest one per each year of engagement, for a spectacular result!), traditionally Italian, naked or sugar paste-covered, made of cream puffs or Italian cannoli… the choice is going to be difficult!

Chef Selection

Worldwide, Italy is immediately connected to delightful gastronomy.

Pasta, pizza, artisanal Italian ice-cream are probably the most popular food known everywhere, but in Italy we have an infinite variety of cooking that you have to try.

We know that food is a very serious point: that’s why we collaborate just with the best and most selected restaurants, caterings and banqueting companies of Rome.

Surprise your taste and your guests with typical Italian options: we are able to study for you a complete menu from starters until desserts buffet, sending a long, detailed list of dishes that you can include.

Moreover, if you would like to do so, we can add traditional food from your country, realizing a great cultural mix!

Italian Confettata and Sweet Table

“Confetti” are a kind of sweet little candies made of almond and sugar, produced in Italy and protagonists of a very ancient history that goes back to the time of Roman Empire.

For a Wedding Event, confetti are traditionally white outside (color of the filling inside may vary due to the flavors) and they have to be offered to the guests as symbol of good luck and abundance.

They are also the true protagonists of the Wedding favors (in general, you can add five Confetti – or any other odd number – to each favor). It will be our pleasure to help you with this extra service for your special day, suggesting the most delicious types!