Photo and Video for Wedding

Photo and Video for Wedding


We know that a perfect photo session is one of the dearest services for every couple 

After a long journey to realize the dream of a wonderful Destination Wedding in Rome, great pictures are the best way to keep the memories of so meaningful experience abroad.

Our photographers work in the most professional way, making the couple to be the absolute protagonist of the scene, always in a relaxing and pleasant condition.
From the bride and groom preparation until the Wedding Party, our photo-packages are meant to let you have the best moments of your finest, happiest, unforgettable day.


As Wedding pictures are a very important part of your Event, a high quality video is very nice too.

A good video can underline the most meaningful passages of the Ceremony, capturing the emotion of the words and of the face-expressions.

Our video makers can customize your video following the Ceremony and the Party, working during the photo session to catch the backstage moments, using GoPro and drones to enrich the scene. A well-done Wedding video, enhanced by your favorite songs, represents a timeless memory to share with family and friends!