Venues for Ceremony

When you decide to get married in Rome, the choice of the ideal venue for the Celebration is a central part of the entire Wedding organization.

Starting from the kind of Ceremony that you would like, we will propose a selection of venues according with your preferences, with your religion and your culture. A historical church embellished by ancient paintings, an elegant town hall located in the heart of the city center, a hotel salon fitted to host a Wedding Ceremony, a private beach or a breathtaking terrace looking on the magnificence of Rome…

We will check for you all the characteristics that will determine a successful Celebration: day/time availability, location, strategic points for pictures and presence of historical/artistic masterpieces inside the venue… everything that can make your Wedding exceptional and inimitable. You can start to imagine your magic day!

Venues for Reception and Party

The choice of the Reception venue plays a remarkable role during the Wedding organization. Party represents the entertaining moment of the Event, after the deep, touching emotions of the Ceremony: it has to be absolutely funny and rich of pleasant moments for you and your guests.

Which kind of Party are you dreaming of?

Luxury hotels with stunning terraces on the roofs of Rome, stylish or shabby villas with private gardens, ancient castles, trendy resorts with private beach, rustic countryside vineyards, lake-view restaurants, cool clubs and minimal-chic lofts are just some of the top possibilities that are waiting for you in Rome and the surrounding area!

Our Team is pleased to provide a full consulting to match the selected venue and the main theme (Fil Rouge) preferred to customize the Wedding (for example a castle Wedding in period costumes or with a fantasy guideline).

Contact our Agency to make your dreams to become true!