Our Symbolic Ceremonies

Our Symbolic Ceremonies

Discover our special Ceremonies selection!

A Symbolic Ceremony is the best and the most unconventional way to celebrate your Wedding, but also your EngagementVows Renewal or Birthday

Here you can find our Ceremonies selection to add a deep symbolism and to enrich your Ceremony:

  • Sand Ceremony/Unity Sand Ceremony
  • Celtic Handfasting Ceremony/Ceremony of the Ribbon
  • Ceremony of the Roses
  • Candle Lighting Ceremony/Unity Candles Ceremony
  • Energy Blessing Ceremony or Warming of the Rings Ceremony
  • Love Letters Ceremony
  • Wine Box Ceremony
  • Unity Painting Ceremony
  • Loving Cup Ceremony
  • Water Ceremony
  • Bread Ceremony
  • Jumping the Broom Ceremony
  • Flowers Ceremony/Tree Ceremony
  • Silver Coins Ceremony
  • Heart Ceremony – and much more…

All the Ceremonies that we propose can be adapted for any other kind of Celebration (Engagement, Birthday, Family Union etc…).

We can also perform:

  • Sologamy Ceremony (Marry with Yourself)
  • Baby Naming Ceremony
  • Couple Committment Ceremony and Wedding Blessing
  • Family Ceremony as Family Unity
  • Wedding Milestone Ceremony (special Anniversary, 25th Marriage Anniversary, 50th Marriage Anniversary and so on)
  • Personal Milestone Ceremony, to celebrate a personal achievement (Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree etc…)   
  • Costumes Marriages (Cosplayers, Halloween outfits, Carnival costumes, clothes from different epoques/vintage dresses etc…)


We are always happy and pleased to include in your Ceremony a particular, specific, traditional aspect of your Culture.