Eco-Friendly Weddings

Eco-Friendly Weddings

A green Wedding is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your greatest day while keeping an eye on a very important topic as the attention for our planet.  

We are aware that Weddings can be wasteful – just think about all the leftover food thrown away – having an impact on the environment. If you are eco-friendly oriented, plenty of small details can be adjusted accordingly: you can plan a classy Event, while considering more natural and sustainable alternatives to realize it.

Our Agency is delighted to promote the opportunity to organize eco-friendly and sustainable Events, environmentally conscious.

What can we do for you?

We are proud to offer:

  • Zero-waste venues, where the food is sourced locally and responsibly and where you can already use their natural décor (a villa with a beautiful garden has bushes and flowers as natural scenography for pictures).
  • We can propose unique, green locations, as a peaceful, exclusively reserved olive-trees field to host your Symbolic Ceremony.
  • We can help you to choose a venue located walking distance from the Ceremony place (no need to have transfers and to produce pollution), either you can choose to have the Ceremony directly at the venue itself, to limit the transfers of all the guests as more as possible.
  • Vegetarian, vegan, biological and biodynamic food and beverages options, for a lower environmental impact. All the dishes can be fully customizable on your taste!
  • If there is any leftover food or cake, we can help you to divide it among the guests, so they can bring it with them at the accommodation and eat it the day after the Reception.
  • Invitations, decorations, menus, Thank You cards realized with recycled paper and/or organic materials as recycled wood, dry flowers, dry plants etc… You can also send digital invitations, and you can create a very informative Wedding website with all the details for your families and friends, to avoid the printing of unnecessary documents.
  • Small details as recyclable paper straws for the drinks, fully biodegradable disposables as napkins, plates, cups etc…, limited usage of plastic items, farmer’s market gifts for all the guests (local cookies, a little jar of honey, a bottle of bio wine) can be easily incorporated to increase the sustainability of your whole Event.
  • If you like candles, we will make sure that they are vegan as well, done with soy wax instead of bee wax.
  • Wedding rings crafted with fair-trade gold, sourced responsibly, antique, vintage rings and/or conflict-free diamonds.
  • Bridal bouquet and bridesmaids’ bouquets done with paper flowers or other recycled materials as buttons, cotton, velvet etc…
  • If you would like to have a traditional flowers bouquet, we can assist you to select seasonal flowers, grown locally. If you are going to opt for flowers centerpieces, you can consider to donate them after the Event, for example at a local garden where the flowers can be replanted. Don’t trash the decorations, donate them for a true act of generosity: Mother Earth will be thankful and you will feel that you really did a difference!
  • Another tip: live plants in pots are much more sustainable than cut flowers.
  • Flowers seeds instead of rice during the exit toss (seeds will fly and bloom somewhere after your Event!). You can also consider biodegradable paper confetti, biodegradable soap bubbles, paper ribbon wands, rose petals… We have plenty of great options to personalize your walk as newlyweds!
  • Second hand/vintage/rented Wedding dresses and accessories, for you and your guests. If you prefer to have a new dress, not pre-owned, we can recommend eco-friendly designers: they generally work with sustainable fabrics and green techs, in order to reduce the waste as more as possible. You can always choose dress and shoes that would suit to be reused for some next elegant occasions after the Marriage!
  • Our trusted hair-stylists/makeup artists will be glad to provide green, bio, cruelty-free and vegan hair products, skincare, makeup for the beauty preparation.
  • Charity wedding favors/Charity Registry, to support donations to something meaningful matching your principles. You can look for foundations pointed on environment support and animals rescuing. Be thoughtful about that, especially if you and your partner already live together and are not in need to ask gifts as home furniture and so on.
  • Sustainable, ethical Honeymoon. You can integrate your trip with an eco-friendly experience, e.g. to spend some days at a natural reserve where wildlife is protected or taking part in a volunteers’ project, helping cleaning up a beach or a park. This will also help you to know better the place that you are visiting! We can also assist you to book a Hotel/a resort based on clean energy sourcing and recycling (for example, wind energy usage and water recycling).

If you are interested to know more about the option of an eco-friendly Wedding in Rome and its surroundings, we are pleased to help you about that! Remember: an eco-friendly Wedding can match different styles, from a country/rustic-chic setup to the most lavish.

We are really excited to provide our full assistance through conscious choices, offering and proposing to all our Customers plenty of green, hand-made ideas, in harmony with nature and with the concepts of well-living and well-being.

Say yes to a new, wide range of Wedding possibilities!