frequently asked questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page, which is our very detailed guide to Weddings and Marriage Proposals organization and about our style of work.

Working with Couples from all over the world, we are conscious that the style and the way of planning a Wedding and a Marriage Proposal in Rome may be different from other countries.

Below, you will discover lots of important info and aspects about Weddings and Marriage Proposals in Rome. We kindly invite you to read all of it. It is a bit long, but it definitely worth your time and attention. Do not skip the questions, everything can be important and helpful for you 🙂

Weddings and Marriage Proposals are wonderful journeys and we just can’t wait to be part of yours!

Let’s start!

Yes, we are specialized to work in Rome and its surroundings. We have a perfect knowledge of our territory and we believe that each Agency should be local to offer the highest quality service.

This is definitely the best aspect of our profession 🙂

We are happy and grateful to meet Couples from all over the world and to host new traditions and different cultures! Everybody is warmly welcomed and we are always dedicated to make you feel comfortable, well-cared and happy during the whole Event planning 🙂

Of course! Most of our Customers don’t travel to Rome to meet us before the Wedding Day/before the Marriage Proposal. We are here to help you about your Destination Wedding/Destination Marriage Proposal and we can fully work online to provide you with all the details and updates until the Event.

No, we do not require your prior visit to Rome before the Wedding date/before the Marriage Proposal date, unless you don’t want to travel here for a holiday and/or to meet us, to visit the venues with us and so on.

If you are interested about a legal Civil Ceremony in the Eternal City, we have to inform you that some specific Embassies in Rome require the presence of the Couple some time before the Wedding, in order to finalize the paperwork. Just in this case, you are asked to travel to Rome twice or to be present in Rome around 10 days before the Wedding Day, according to the paperwork requirements. When you contact us, let us know which your nationality is, so we can already tell you if you will need to travel one more time before the Wedding.

This requirement does not depend from our Agency, but it depends by the law of specific countries which allow their citizens to have legal Civil Marriages in Italy just under certain, specific rules. Anyway, you will receive our full consulting to understand which the most convenient bureaucratic path to follow is. Such this, the whole procedure will be crystal clear and you will have all the details to decide in the best way!

Absolutely yes. Even the smallest detail will be arranged after that we talk about this with you. It is essential to have your full approval before to go ahead!

Yes, we supervise the whole Wedding Day/the Marriage Proposal, until the moment that all our vendors end their services. The supervision in always included in our Agency fee.

We charge a flat fee, according to the kind of the Event that we are required to organize. It is a different job to plan a just-for-two Elopement or a Wedding Reception with 50 guests. Because of that, we always listen to your needs and requirements, then we provide our quote specifically for what you have asked for. Working like this, all is clear since the beginning, there are no hidden costs and everything proceeds with much more trust from both of the sides.

Charging a flat fee, it is easier for the couple to calculate all the costs since the beginning and to adjust all the expenses according to the budget.

We follow our Customers personally, interacting with all of them in the friendliest, coziest way. You will always talk directly to us, Alessia and Alexander, about every aspect and decision of your Wedding/your Marriage Proposal.

Planning the Marriage/the Proposal is one of the most awesome moments in every Couple’s life and we feel extremely privileged to be part of it!

Our signature of expert Wedding Planners and Marriage Proposal Planners will make the difference: the Event is 100% successful!

We are open to work with any budget, because all our Customers deserve to live their fairy-tale in Rome. We are always passionate to suggest the best deals for the best results: our main goal is to plan every time a different Event that can conquer your hearts forever.

The sooner, the better! If you feel we are a good fit for you, if you like our style of work and communication and you are thinking about a specific date, we recommend you to reserve us officially as soon as possible.

We receive contacts from all over the world, ahead in time (often, Customers contact us even 2/3 years prior their Event to ensure a particular date), so we always encourage you to finalize an official reservation if you are interested in what we offer.

You are welcome to send us an email with your request, so we can provide all the customized info and the quote accordingly. If our offer match your needs, in order to reserve us formally we can proceed with the official contract (signed from both of the parts, Customer and our Agency), while an upfront deposit is required to secure the date. Then, we can start to plan all the details of your magical day in Rome!

As the official booking is done, we start to work on all the details of your Wedding/of your Marriage Proposal, we reserve the vendors needed for your date, we reserve your favorite location etc…

We are on your disposal and we keep you constantly informed about all the aspects as they are finalized. If you choose a Religious Ceremony or a legal Civil Ceremony, we follow the paperwork timeline and we contact you accordingly.

Yes, of course! This is the most important part of the whole planning process, since the Wedding depends from it. For Civil and Religious Marriages, no paperwork means no wedding is possible. We follow all the paperwork procedures personally, from the beginning until the end to ensure that everything is accomplished properly and on time.

We are glad to offer our bureaucratic expertise to you: we work with couples of all Nationalities, from all over the world, so we are able to follow different paperwork requirements with extreme accuracy.

A legal Civil Ceremony requires paperwork preparation and it will officially change your status from non-married to married.

A Religious Ceremony requires paperwork preparation as well.

A Symbolic Ceremony doesn’t have legal value and it doesn’t require any paperwork preparation. It can be performed everywhere and it is fully customizable. You can have a legal Civil Marriage in your country, before or after the Symbolic Ceremony in Rome.

Symbolic Ceremony is usually much appreciated because it doesn’t have specific requirements. Each Couple is welcome to personalize the Symbolic Ceremony according to its specific wishes (duration of the Ceremony, readings, exchanging of the Vows etc… may vary according to each couple preferences).

Often, a Symbolic Ceremony is called a Spiritual Ceremony or a Humanistic Ceremony, because of its deep meaning for the couple and for the family itself (e.g., married couples already with children can involve them while renewing their Vows).

During a legal Civil Marriage, you are required to have 1 witness for the Bride and 1 witness for the Groom. They must be more than 18 years old and they should provide a copy of their passport. They are required to sign your legal Civil Marriage Certificate at the Town Hall.

During a Catholic Religious Marriage, you are required to have 1 or 2 witnesses for the Bride and 1 or 2 witnesses for the Groom. They must be more than 18 years old and the priest will need to know their name, surname, age and town of residence at the moment of your Marriage. They will sign the Religious Marriage Certificate.

If you don’t have guests as witnesses for your legal Civil Marriage or Religious Marriage, our Agency can provide the witnesses for you.

During a Symbolic Marriage, since there is no legal value, you can choose to involve how many witnesses as you would like to have.

A legal Civil Ceremony lasts around 20/30 minutes.

When you first contact us about your legal Civil Marriage, we recommend that you let us know where you are from and which passport you hold, so we are able to suggest all the details about the required paperwork.

Each Nationality has a different path of documents to follow and we will explain and guide you through all the bureaucratic steps.

We always recommend to inquire us at least 6 months before the date when you would like to have your legal Civil Marriage, in order to have the full time for the documents preparation. Embassies here are busy with different tasks, so it is better to be relaxed about the paperwork.

Of course, a legal Civil Marriage in Italy is officially recognized in your country. At the end of the legal Civil Ceremony, Town Hall issues your legal Civil Marriage Certificate and you can bring it to your local Registry Hall once you return back home.

A legal Civil Ceremony is always performed in Italian language, by an employee of Town Hall; if you are not able to talk and to read properly in Italian, a translator is mandatory. The translation should be done in the language that you are fluent in: for example, if you are from Japan and you are fluent in English as well, you can have a translator in English and not necessarily in Japanese.

For Italian-English translations, we always include this service in our Agency fee.

If you may need any other translation service, from/to any other language that is not English, we will send you our quote for a professional translator in the required language. We can provide a translator for any language you may need.

Municipality of Rome doesn’t allow legal Civil Marriages outside the Town Hall.

Some small towns around Rome may allow your legal Civil Marriage just at a specific historical villa/at a specific location established by the Municipality itself, where you can have a legal Marriage outdoor but still performed by an official employee from the Municipality.

Due to the particularity of the request and of the location, Municipality fees may vary.

A Catholic Mass lasts around 1 hour.

Good question! A lot depends by the reaction of your girlfriend. What does she really like? Always keep in mind her preferences while organizing the perfect Proposal 🙂

Lots of public spots are usually crowded (for example, during sunset time), but during specific hours of the day, some of them can be really quiet and ideal to propose.

If you are wondering to pop the question at sunset, at a public park, during the summer season and you know that your girlfriend is shy and she would like something really private, in this case we recommend to consider a private spot where to make her to feel at total ease.

A private place has the plus to be decorated in her favorite style, then you can remain totally comfortable at the same location to enjoy a wonderful dinner after the Proposal. Remember that you are not allowed to decorate a public spot (think about this if you wish to have lots of candles!).

With us, you are in very safe hands! We work with couples from all over the world, with different expectations and… different time zones 🙂

It means that we are always very discreet and flexible, open to talk (via email, WhatsApp, video-call etc…) whenever it is more comfortable for you, to guarantee the highest result when you pop the question.

We always stay behind the scenes to take care of your private moment and to ensure that everything runs without a hitch!

In addition, if the Marriage Proposal may need our direct interaction for its best result, we can play different roles to help to build the required conditions within few minutes (we can act as casual walkers down the road, employees of the venue, another couple that sits near you and so on).

If you have already determinate what you like, it will be our pleasure to make it happen 🙂
If you do not have specific ideas or preferences… then we are beyond happy to hold your hand while exploring together all the options that we propose.

We will build with you the perfect plan, with our advices and experience, to make your Proposal smooth and WOW effect!

We are grateful to express our fantasy to realize something unforgettable for you and your partner!

We always recommend to dress elegantly, because you are going to keep the photos forever, so you both want to appear at your best.

Obviously your girlfriend will not know that you are going to propose, so we will help you to find a good strategy to guide her to dress elegantly without to show the real reason behind it.

Of course, if you are travelling here for a few days and would like to have something more practical and informal, you are welcome to wear jeans and sport shoes as well, the most important that it will work for you and for your girlfriend, when she will see the pictures.

A catering service prepare and cook the dishes, then deliver them ready to the location of the Event.

A banqueting service, as it is common in Italy, prepare and cook the whole Wedding food directly at the kitchen of the venue. This is to guarantee the freshness of the ingredients, while all the cooking procedures follow the highest standard in terms of food preparation.

Sure! We can select and reserve for you a typical, authentic restaurant where you and your guests can enjoy a wonderful time together before the Big Day!

No, Catholic Religious Ceremonies are allowed just at Church. Some priests may agree to give you a blessing at the location, if you have previously married at Church, but it is quite rare that this happens.

If you belong to any other Religion, just let us know about that and we can let you know which are the rules and requirements according to Italian law.

Yes, Rome is the best place where to find priests from all over the world! We will take care to find the priest to perform directly in your language, to make you and your guests to feel comfortable during the Celebration.

Mass is performed just in one language, without the chance of multiple translations.

A Symbolic Ceremony can last how much time you wish 🙂

Since it doesn’t have any legal value, it is fully customizable and the length may vary accordingly.

No, a Symbolic Ceremony is not legally recognized. It doesn’t require any paperwork preparation and it can be performed everywhere, so it is a very good way to avoid documents and bureaucracy. You can have a legal Civil Marriage directly in your country, before or after the Symbolic Ceremony in Rome.

It is a pleasure for us to perform the Symbolic Ceremony in both of the languages. The Celebrant will read in Italian, then will translate the paragraph in English (or vice versa), to make all the guests to understand all the passages.

If you may need translations in different languages apart Italian and English, we can provide translators to cover all the required languages.

Symbolic Ceremony is always a great choice, since each Couple can have it in the most individual and bespoke way.

We are glad to assist you to personalize readings, Vows, music and any other cultural/traditional aspect meaningful for you and that you would like to incorporate in the Celebration.

A Symbolic Ceremony is a wonderful way to express your personality and to involve your guests with more readings, poems etc… so the whole Ceremony becomes less formal, gaining a very dynamic energy 🙂

Everything is possible! Our creativity does not have limits. We are always delighted to design original, warm, new surprises!

Yes, we love to plan ahead and also to work with last-minute Events, as Elopements/Symbolic Ceremonies and Marriage Proposals. If you are arranging a last-minute trip to Rome and need assistance for your special Ceremony, to renew your Vows or to propose to your loved one, please be in touch even 24 hours before.

You can reach us via email at alessiadeiana@hotmail.com or you can text us on WhatsApp at +393465840882 and we will do our best, according to our availability, to make your last-minute dream come true!

You can contact us also for further last-minute services, as a romantic surprise delivered at your Hotel, a last-minute photo-session among the artistic beauties of Rome etc…

Of course! We are very detail-oriented and we love to make each and every Event impeccable. We always prioritize to design an attractive project for our Couples: starting with the mood board until the practical production of the Event, you envision your dream while we make it true!

Absolutely! Every Customer is different and we are able to fulfill all the wishes. We can recommend the best color palette according to the style of the Event and the season, but you always have the last word about that.

We are always glad to help you about something more particular! Just send us pictures and ideas of what you would like to realize and we will let you know what’s doable and all the related costs.

We collaborate with a wonderful staff of trusted, kind and smiling vendors 🙂

We work with a selection of trusted, well-cared and accurately scouted venues, as private Villas and Hotels: all our locations are “niche locations” and are able to offer unique, dreamy, custom-made experiences.

All our vendors and venues will always make you to feel at complete ease during the Event, to guarantee a high standard of care and competence and to make sure that you and your guests would treasure every moment.

Our vendors and venues have been strictly selected to guarantee the highest quality for the best price, as they are happy and flexible to customize their services on your exact wishes. Working with them, we are safe and secure to offer the finest experience to all our Customers, we guarantee their expertise and their promptness to be at your disposal.

We recommend to book our vendors and venues because they are already programmed to offer you a great service for the right price. Working with us, we test them continuously during the year; all our vendors and venues can guarantee much better prices and the highest quality than random vendors/venues picked casually without to know the background behind their services.

Reserving our vendors, another important aspect is that you can refer just to our Agency, using one interlocutor instead to keep multiple contacts with different people. You can arrange just one payment to us, to cover all the vendors booked, instead to arrange multiple money transfers. We know that you pay bank fees and PayPal fees while sending money abroad, and this is a way to help you to avoid multiple fees for multiple payments.

Our wonderful photographer is going to take care of your photo-session, for your timeless memories in the Eternal City of Rome. He loves to work with natural light, creating beautiful photos outdoor: Roman monuments, historical spots, artistic details and beautiful parks are the perfect frame to create your unique, unforgettable photo-session!

Our photographer is always ready to capture your emotions with his professional equipment: he will create a relaxed, genuine atmosphere so even if you are a bit shy in front of the camera, you will feel at ease working with him.

After the Wedding/the Marriage Proposal, you will receive a digital copy of edited, high resolution photos via email. The digital copy is included in the price of the photo-service. No extra payment is required to get the digital copy of your edited pictures!

We recommend that you realize the photo-album once you go back home. You may need some extra time to decide about the style and which pictures to print J

To realize the photo-album once you are back home will also help you to keep the cost to send you the album via courier from Italy (the album can be heavy and this will increase the cost of the shipping).

We work with a young, enthusiast, trusted filmmaker and his team. He works for the Italian TV and he is happy to film for your Wedding/for your Marriage Proposal, capturing the most meaningful moments of your Event with his camera.

You can always choose your favorite songs for the video.

After the Wedding/the Marriage Proposal, you will receive a digital copy of edited, high resolution video via email. The digital copy is included in the price of the video-service. No extra payment is required to get the digital copy of your edited video!

Absolutely yes! Once you decide the kind of Ceremony that you would like to have and the perfect spot for that, we will help you to build the perfect itinerary for a timeless photo and video session 🙂

We always recommend non-crowded spots and the best time of the day to realize photo and video in the most comfortable way 🙂

Professional hair and makeup can make your feel flawless during your Special Day in Rome. Hair and makeup service is always arranged at your accommodation, in order to guarantee the best comfort during the beauty preparation.

If you have bridesmaids, relatives and friends interested in hair and makeup services, we can offer packages to make you feel at ease with all the costs.

Our hair and makeup team is young and up-to-date, to embrace the hottest trends in the sphere. All the hair and makeup products used to prepare the Bride and the bride squad are the best on the market, but if you have specific requirements as the need of vegan beauty products, please do not hesitate to let us know about that 🙂

Of course, you are free to reserve both hair and makeup or just the hair service or just the makeup service, on your convenience.

Everything is done around your preferences!

Our trusted transfers company has 20 years of experience, working in Rome and its surrounding areas. A fleet of Mercedes vehicles – as minivans and Mercedes Class E and Class S, plus a wide variety of other cars as Maybach, vintage cars, minibuses – is on your disposal.

Our transfers company works for several Embassies on the territory of Rome and has provided transfers to the production of the James Bond movie “Spectre” during its filming in Rome.

High-quality service, careful drivers, great quality/price deal make our transfers company a real, comfortable plus for your Event in the Eternal City.

Italy can benefit of long, warm months, so most of the flowers remain always seasonal. Some specific flowers as peonies, though, may not be always available, so we always recommend to inquire us about that and to tell us about your favorite flowers.

Sometimes flowers can be imported, but we always prefer to stay on the available seasonal flowers to guarantee their quality and freshness.

Since you and your guests will come from abroad, maybe even travelling from different countries, a Wedding website is a very good idea to inform all your relatives and friends about timeline of the day, place of the Reception, dress-code etc…

If you do not have the time to realize your own Wedding website, to launch it online, to customize it and to keep it updated, we can take care of that on your behalf (this service should be quoted on request).

Yes, definitely! They are always greatly appreciated, a very chic gift for all your family members and friends travelling from far to join your special Event in Rome. Welcome Bags can be prepared with your favorite products: typical food to try, nice gadgets to use during the staying in Rome, pre-paid skip-the-line tickets to visit a museum… Fantasy has no limits and we are here to create the best combination with you and for you 🙂

March to October are usually good months to travel to Rome. June, July and August can be hot, so we always recommend to have the Ceremonies early in the morning or at sunset time (both of the moments when the light is also the most scenographic for photos and videos). November to February are the coldest months, but we still have numerous sunny days. Winter Weddings, especially around Christmas or Valentines’ Day, can be truly romantic, a good option for a dreamy escape to the Eternal City.


If you would like to enjoy an outdoor Event, we always recommend locations with a Plan B, to host the Wedding/the Marriage Proposal indoor in case of rain.

If your chosen location is a public location (e.g., for a Symbolic Ceremony Elopement with photo-session, just the two of you), we will make sure to suggest spots located near an indoor bar, café etc… easily reachable where we can wait with you in case of sudden/unpredictable rain.

An in-house Event Coordinator and a Wedding Planner/a Marriage Proposal Planner have two different roles. As we have said in a previous answer, a dedicated Wedding Planner/Marriage Proposal Planner is a huge plus and can really make a difference in the production of your Event, as you dream about it.

An in-house Event Coordinator will assist you about the venue/the Reception. Be careful: this doesn’t mean that an in-house Event Coordinator will be present during the whole time of the Reception itself, it really depends on what’s your deal about that.

An in-house Event Coordinator will not take care of your paperwork or about what happens outside the venue (Ceremony, photo and video session, timeline of the whole day, customization of all your necessities etc…) and will not be responsible to match the ideal vendors with your specific requirements.

A professional Wedding Planner/Marriage Proposal Planner is always required to protect the interest of the Couple: all our explanation above is absolutely not to diminish the role of an in-house Event Coordinator, but it is important to explain what an in-house Event Coordinator can do and can’t do for you realistically, so you can know what to expect and what not to expect.

Of course, according to the seriousness of the location, there are some very punctual and competent in-house Event Coordinators who can do much more than what they are really required to do, but the most are employed just to market the rental fee of the venue/the costs of the menu etc… so you can’t really expect their interest and support for all the other details about your Special Day.

Of course, we can assist you with the whole Event planning or we can just take care of the services that are still uncovered. For example, we can provide just the Wedding Officiant/Celebrant service during the Symbolic Ceremony, even if you have already covered all the other aspects (venue, food etc…) on your own.

IVA tax is a government tax which is present worldwide with different names (Sales tax in USA, Vat tax in UK etc…). In Italy, IVA is calculated as 10% on the goods and 22% on the services. In Italy, if you go to a grocery store, a restaurant etc… 10% IVA is already included in the final cost of the purchase.

Talking about services, professionals can charge 22% IVA directly on the Customer (that’s when you read a quote, you will see the “cost + 22%”).

For your convenience, we have decided to include 22% IVA directly in our Agency fee and vendors’ fee: it means that all the costs that we send you are already the final costs for the required services, IVA included.

If a venue calculate the IVA tax apart, we take care to let you know about that since the beginning.

SIAE copyright music tax is a mandatory copyright music tax on the music copyrights for the authors and creators. Abroad, it is often called PRS royalties for music.

If you decide to have live musicians or a DJ during your Event, it is obliged to pay SIAE which will be fully charged on the Customer.

SIAE is not required for the music at Church.

Some hotels/restaurants may apply a corkage fee if you wish to bring your own alcohol, without to source it directly from the venue. The corkage fee will cover the service of the alcohol that you bring from outside, because you didn’t buy the bottle directly at the hotel/restaurant itself.