Your Proposal Planner

Your Proposal Planner

Rome Proposal Planners – Make Your Love Eternal, in The Eternal City of Rome

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Welcome to all the boyfriends in love that want to POP THE QUESTION in the most unforgettable and special way!
We are located in Rome (Italy), the breathtaking Eternal City where you can propose and make Your Love Eternal.
We believe that a magic Engagement Proposal has to be wonderful and romantic. Spread the love worldwide!

Make your Dreams Real

Tell us what you prefer and we will make it happen.
We love to plan dreamy situations, we love to see the sparkle in the couples’ eyes, we love to make the dreams real.
Let’s start to plan your incredible “Will you marry me?” Event!
Our Agency will follow every step to help you to increase the emotion!

Your Timeless Engagement in the Eternal City of Rome

Since 2008, several Customers from all over the world have contacted us to realize the dream to get engaged/to marry in Rome.

Supporting hundreds of couples, we understand the importance to focus on a specific Proposal Planning service dedicated to everybody that wish to get engaged here in Rome; long experience and young energy are the great combination that made us to be a very successful Agency in Rome about the Engagement/Wedding spheres.

We know that, as back home, first question to your fiancé will be: “How did he propose?”. That’s why we are here: to help you to make it TIMELESS and MEMORABLE! A great Proposal with a beautiful concept will make your partner to feel loved and satisfied, proud to tell all the details first to family, friends, colleagues and one day… to your children and grandchildren!
An extraordinary Pop of the Question definitely remains impressed during the years.

Your Proposal Planners, Alessia & Alexander