Why to Choose a Symbolic Ceremony

Why to Choose a Symbolic Ceremony

Your precious love, a wonderful city as Rome, the romantic idea to live a unique, breathtaking experience can be summarized in the result of a magic Symbolic Ceremony.

Let’s see all the possibilities!

  • You have always thought to marry in Rome and you want to concretize your dream by a Symbolic Ceremony, fast to organize and free of legal requirements (you are not married in your country and you just wish to express your love and union during the Ceremony).
  • You come from abroad wishing to have an amazing time in Rome. We can plan your Civil/Religious Marriage, adding an emotional, intimate Symbolic Ceremony just for the couple immediately before or after the official one.
  • You want to live a Wedding elopement: the best deal is to marry in the Town Hall of your city (most of the time is almost free for the residents), then to plan your Honeymoon in Rome including a scenographic and truly personalized Symbolic Ceremony that can fit your style.
  • You and your partner have a different religion (inter-faith couple): a Symbolic Wedding can include elements from both of the sides, for an enchanting result.
  • You are a same-sex couple searching for an unforgettable way to celebrate your love.
  • You need a Humanist Ceremony, because you do not recognize in a specific religion.
  • It is an ideal solution also for who is divorced.
  • You want to celebrate an Engagement, a Birthday or a Family Union to remember forever.
  • It is very good as Vows Renewal: you are already married and you want to renew and reaffirm the existing vows. A touching Symbolic Ceremony is perfect for this purpose!
  • Everytime you feel to share a special couple moment, repeating and renovating your commitment for a wonderful life together!

Informal or lavish Symbolic Ceremony,

with guests or just the two of you,

our Agency provides its expertise to take care of your Event!