Dreaming of a Luxury Wedding in Rome

Dreaming of a Luxury Wedding in Rome

Dreaming of a Luxury Wedding in Rome?

Every woman, since the childhood, dreams to have a fabulous Wedding Day: why
not in Rome, the magnificent Eternal City, rich in art, beauty and history?
We can suggest several customized luxury spots where to crown your fairytale
Wedding: 5 star Hotels, amazing villas with incredible panoramic views, secret
gardens in the heart of the historical city center… will make you speechless while
choosing the best place for your Luxury Destination Wedding!

A Luxury Wedding is a combination of several elements that have to be organized
and coordinated together – in the most attentive and impeccable way – in order to
create a perfect harmony that will embrace the whole Event, until its smallest
details. If you wish to feel like a princess, enjoying a top-quality service and
surprising your guests in all the most spectacular ways possible, you definitely have
to choose a Luxury organization for the best day of your life.

What can we do for your Luxury Wedding in Rome?

We know very well how much it is important to offer a flawless, perfect planning to
all our Customers. Our Agency will scout for you the most attractive and selected
venues in town, collaborating with exclusive locations and vendors able to make
your Marriage absolutely lavish, magnificent and sumptuous.

A distinctive sign of a Luxury Wedding is also determined by a very high-care for
your privacy and for the privacy of your guests, while enjoying the staying in Rome.
We also believe that a Luxury Event should include – among all its special features –
a particular eye for the most refined handmade and “niche” local
products/decorations: Italy offers a wide range of finest goods! Just to mention
that… have you ever tasted our Langhe white truffle? Do you know that every year
Vinitaly – one of the biggest worldwide exhibitions about wine excellence – takes
place in Italy? Imagine the kind of banquet that you can offer to your family and

About the décor: think about your Wedding Favors made of typical Murano glass,

traditional Caltagirone ceramic, delicate lace from Burano… These beautiful
finesses will conquer your guests expressing the high research for aesthetics that it
is so important here in Italy!

Just close your eyes, imagine your Luxury Wedding in Rome, start to dream about
it and try to figure all the details. It is exactly what we are going to prepare for you
and… much more!!!

We wish you a wonderful day, see you next post! 

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