5 things to do after your Engagement

5 things to do after your Engagement

You were wondering about your Engagement for such a long time, and the moment is finally arrived: what an incredible, unforgettable sensation!

Best Wishes to you Which are the steps that you are going to make right after the Engagement?

  1. Your photographer took amazing pictures during your Engagement. You were totally focused on your partner, so you needed to know that somebody else was working “behind the scenes” to create your timeless memories. Then, for example, you will be able to use some pics to personalize the invitation cards of your Wedding!
  2. Let your family and friends to know about that! The fresh news will make them happy: communicate it directly, without let them to discover about the Engagement from a social network alert!
  3. A mix of emotions will be in your mind, heart and soul. The experience that you are sharing is so romantic! Take some extra time to talk and dream about your Wedding, just the two of you. Which Wedding vision do you have? Set clear ideas and express your preferences. Watch several pictures together, for example using Pinterest: this is one of the best sources to get inspired!
  4. As soon as you can, choose date and venue of your incoming Wedding. It’s never too early to start to give a look around, to select the best options and to book something that you really like. Start to have an idea about the budget and the guests-list to arrive well prepared and stress-free to the Big Day.
  5. Try the dress: it can take some time until you find the perfect one for you. In general, 6-9 months represent a good range of time to go through the research, including at least 2/3 proofs before the Event.

We wish you a wonderful day, see you next post!

Rome, Wedding set under the sky!

To get married in Rome is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and Weddings are alwayswarmly welcomed! UNESCO has named Rome as “Creative City of Cinema“: that’s great