Which is the best style for the photo-session?

Which is the best style for the photo-session?

Looking for a Wedding photographer?

According to your own preference, you need to know about all the varieties and possibilities in the Wedding-pictures sphere. Every photographer has a different style and method of work: it is very important to meet the professional that will fit for you in the best and most empathic way. Remember that pictures are timeless memories!
Let’s start!


Traditional pictures reflect a classic and graceful mood, a modern album that will be in line with the posed pics of your grandparents’ Weddings. A big space is given to family photos (groups with relatives, bridesmaids and groomsmen, friends) and to catch the whole concept of the Ceremony and of the Reception.

Moving their steps from the Traditional pictures, Artistic pictures give importance to some specific details of the event. The story of the day is built through the creation of a photo-session that capture the emotions and the ensemble gives an artistic sense to the whole setting.

Reportage/photojournalistic Wedding pictures are almost not in pose, because the idea is to be nonintrusive to work almost without planned moments. It is a very spontaneous, pure and revealing way to take pictures. This is the best solution if you don’t like staging for lots of time, preferring to move around with your guests, dance and laugh without wait for the pics to be taken.

Editorial style is perfect if you like the luxury and exclusive photo-services of magazines like Vogue. Editorial photographers can use their skills and their creativity to represent you and your Wedding as a brilliant, fashionable, chic, smart, sexy thing.

As Instagram is teaching, moody style is a new style that can suit a Wedding photo-session.
The photographers that work in this way will edit their photos to look such from a drama TV series, mysterious and dark.
It is not for couple that like bright and realistic colors, since it changes the whole idea of the Wedding day. On the other side, it is very intense and capturing, ideal if you want to give a decisive underlining of your personality expression.

Which is your favorite style? Several Wedding photographers are complete artists that can’t be related just to one thing, or another. They try to “mix and match” to give their customers a complete experience, so it is always a good thing to understand in advance all the elements that you definitely want to include in your Wedding pictures.
If you like so much more than one style, you can also hire two different Wedding photographers to let them work side by side in their own style, to create two different but complementary albums of the same event.
Also, according to the idea of an elopement/a Destination Wedding, it is a plus to hire a local photographer that is already well prepared about the best spots in town, the time to reach all of them, the lights according with the day-time etc…

We wish you a wonderful day, see you next post!

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