Our best advices before your Marriage Proposal

Our best advices before your Marriage Proposal

If you are considering to propose to your girlfriend soon, keep in mind that the whole experience has to be smooth and perfect. Your Marriage Proposal will be a once-in-a-lifetime memory and you need to make it the most special!
You may know that the Proposal is a very important step in your life and that you have to do everything that is possible to create a romantic, unforgettable atmosphere. Check our post and discover our main 5 advices before to “Pop the

  1. Don’t give your girlfriend any clue about the Proposal.
    An unforgettable Proposal
    should be exciting, surprising and unpredictable! Since the moment that you start to plan your Marriage Proposal, try to keep any information that can be related to the Big Day. Be careful and don’t talk to make it too obvious: keeping the secret from your loved-one may be a little difficult – because your relation is based on a sincere exchange of feelings – but think that you’re not hurting her, just finding the correct way to surprise her!
  1. Find the perfect ring.
    Another important step is to find the perfect ring, a wonderful jewel to wear and to care for the whole life.
    Try to fix a budget, then take the time to visit some good jewelries in your city, look and compare the rings, ask the details of the jewels that you think she will like; when buying something so important as a diamond, value the 4C that includes cut, color, clarity and carat. The size of the ring is not everything, even if your girlfriend will pay a lot of attention to how much the diamond is big (especially in the beginning, when she will show it to her family and friends). Talk with the jeweler about all the details, with the goal to have a refined, quality item!
    If you know that she likes a particular design, go for it; if you are not sure about her diamond preferences, a classical and timeless shape will be the best choice.
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  1. Create a wonderful atmosphere
    Be the most creative you can! 
    You will propose once in life and everybody is going to ask you and your girlfriend how it was and how you did it. It’s a sort of responsibility and all the details need to be smooth and well-coordinated. Start the planning in advance to arrive properly prepared to so meaningful moment: she
    must be speechless when you pop the question and always have the best memory ever! According to her wishes and preferences, make it intimate or public, quiet or fun, romantic or original…
  1. Look nice when you pop the question
    Pictures are the best way to remember your Marriage Proposal
    , that’s why we always suggest to include a photographer that will be able to catch the best emotions in professional way.
    It’s very, very important that both of you will look nice when you pop the question.
    Tell your girlfriend you have booked lunch/dinner at a new pretty place that you have heard about, so there will be a perfect excuse to dress up and arrive ready to the photo-session, without revealing absolutely nothing about your plan!
  2. Make it special: anyone else has to know!
    Marriage Proposal is your special, private moment. You and your girlfriend will share an amazing experience and there is all the time, after that, to celebrate the happiness with families and friends. Before to pop the question, don’t let anyone else to know about your intention: nobody will be able to give her any little clue and everything will be absolutely as figured.
    Keep it yourself and enjoy the moment, focusing on the point that this is a huge step for your future life together. Nothing else matters!

  3. We wish you a wonderful day, see you next post!

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