Wedding Planner and Wedding Designer: discover how they can help you!

Wedding Planner and Wedding Designer: discover how they can help you!

Wedding Planner and Wedding Designer are two specialized professionals that can work for your Wedding in different ways: the Wedding Planner is active to organize and to coordinate the whole structure of the Event, while the Wedding Designer offers a unique, creative touch to enrich the Marriage. Sometimes the Wedding Planner and the Wedding Designer can be the same person, in a perfect combination of skills to reach the highest results, following your Event to 360°.

Sense of Organization and Sophisticated Creativity are the keys for a successful Wedding Day!

As first step, the Wedding Planner needs to know more details related to your romantic love story: such this, it is possible to use all the specifics to make a personalized work, according to your dreams and your expectations.
Sense of management, accurate supervision of the vendors, ability in public relations, a true sense of enjoying and happiness, a fine taste and a strong cultural background complete the portrait of the perfect Wedding Planner.

Also the Wedding Designer loves beauty and esthetic: starting from classic or original ideas, the Designer is able to realize some exclusive creations and artworks for the spouses. The Wedding Designer has to understand husband and
wife style and preferences, in order to manage the production of special complements (even handcrafted) such the Wedding invitations, the Ceremony booklets, some extra decorations, the candy-bar setting, the escort cards
(placeholders) and the customized menus… A specific attention is also dedicated to the creation of amazing Wedding favors.

The common goal for Wedding Planner/Wedding Designer is to think and make each Event different for each couple of Customers. The perfect Wedding Day is a fluidcombination of many details that bride, groom and guests can remember in the time: a real Wedding Project starts with research and inspiration, focusing on services completely tailor-made.

How to start to create Wedding Wonders?

The starting point to turn your Wedding dreams into reality is to decide – with your Wedding Planner/Wedding Designer – a guide-line to follow, focusing on your intimate wishes and examining the expectations about the result that you would like to reach. A well-organized analysis is essential to find the right path for your Wedding Day! This is a very important way to build the trust and it requires a long-term experience: remember that a strong know-how can give you the best quality assistance.
Step by step, the Wedding Planner will coordinate all the vendors to reach an impeccable and successful result, while the Wedding Designer can develop the theme/style that will characterize your Wedding.
We are Wedding Planners to plan your wonderful day in Rome and Wedding Designers to draw it unique. So, we are able to help you in both of the aspects,

surrounded by a competent Staff who adore this job and decide every day to celebrate the LOVE in all its pure expressions.
We create magic emotions building a perfectly optimized Wedding Project, to offer you the highest results and to welcome you in the warmest way to our Bella Italia!

We wish you a wonderful day, see you next post!

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