10 Great reasons to marry in Rome

10 Great reasons to marry in Rome

Rome is a wonderful, unique city, worldwide known for its artistic beauty and for the rich cultural life.
Every year, the timeless, magnetic charm of Rome inspires several couples from abroad to plan a trip and get engaged/married in the Eternal City.

There is no better choice!
Rome definitely conquers the hearts with a fascinating atmosphere, the old history, a great and romantic feeling while walking through the small, typical streets of its city center…

Have you already been here? Would you like to organize your amazing Wedding Day in Rome?

We have 10 main reasons to propose/to marry in Rome:

  1. Rome is one of the most appreciated locations all over the world. Every year, the
    city welcomes thousands of tourists happy to realize the dream to visit the Colosseum, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, the Vatican City etc…
  2. Rome offers a magnificent scenography for an incredible Engagement/Wedding photo session. Every corner symbolizes something in the glorious history of the city and we will be proud to share all the details!
  3. In Rome there are several terraces, where to access for free, with an extraordinary view on the city. These settings are the best for an unforgettable Marriage Proposal or for a Symbolic Vows Renewal!
  4. Our Team is made by local people. Being local, we know absolutely everything about Rome and we are glad to valorize the appeal of our city suggesting for you the most suitable and customized solutions during your stay.
  5. You can delight your Wedding guests with a delicious cuisine experience. In Rome, we have an excellent typical gastronomy and a wide selection of international food: high chefs and specialized Wedding catering/banqueting
    companies will work hard to satisfy your taste!
  6. Rome is the Capital City of Italy: it means that here is easier to accomplish a particular request, while prices are a little cheaper than average because of a huge selection of possibilities.
  7. Rome has been the set of many famous movies: since “La Dolce Vita” of Federico Fellini until the recent “Eat Pray Love”, “To Rome With Love”, “Spectre”, “Zoolander 2”, “All Roads Lead To Rome” etc… Join the rich artistic and cultural life of the Eternal City!
  8. Rome can meet every style you wish: from a formal Ceremony with a classic reception, until an original Symbolic Wedding completed by an extravagant party, we have all the solutions to make the Wedding unforgettable.
  9. Rome is often sunny and warm during the most of the year. The weather is enough stable and this may be a plus during your Proposal/Wedding organization.
  10. You can easily combine the Marriage Proposal or the Wedding with several complimentary services: elegant shopping, good museums, a wine tour, a cooking class, an ice-cream tasting…
    Welcome to Rome, the Eternal City where everything is possible!

We wish you a wonderful day, see you next post!

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