Bridal Stylist

Bridal Stylist

Your Personal Shopper

Besides Wedding Planner, we propose services of Personal Shopper.

Our Agency has a rich background in Fashion, one of the most pleasant and entertaining sphere all over the world. Which is your favorite outfit? Did you decide how to be cool, chic and classy in every situation?

We have all the answers to valorize your aspect and improve your image!

Our enthusiasm to be up-to-date for every new trend is where we start to introduce our Personal Shopping services in Rome and Italy.

First, we are specialized in Harmony-Chromatic Image Consulting: we analyze all the colors that compose your aspect – hair, eyes, skin, clothes and accessories – before to plan how to renew your look and make it sparkling and charming.

In addition, we are proudly exultant to develop our “Fashion and Elegance Coaching®” created and registered in exclusive by our Agency to reach the goal of a unique style!

Like how you look, and everybody will like you!

Discover our special selection!

Our Fashion Services

Rome Shopping Tour

A Rome Shopping Tour is a fabulous experience. International brands and private boutiques can be combined in special, customized itineraries to discover every fashion corner of our incredible city: you will breathe culture, art and good living! We can add to the daily program a special lunch, a luxury transfer, a yoga session… Do not miss all our ideas!

Outlet Shopping Tour

Nearby Rome, we have the possibility to visit two high-quality fashion Outlets, where to spend some hours buying clothes, accessories and design objects. A private transfer is available to the Outlet and back to the Eternal City, to get the most from the shopping time!

Mall Shopping Tour

Rome is a huge city, rich in everything you can wish. In the last years, have been built three big Malls (around 200 shops per shopping center): there is possible to find the best brands and – often during the year, apart winter and summer sales – promotions and special discounts activated in autonomy by the shops. Shopping paradise is waiting for you!

Shopping On Demand

This is the best solution if you do not have enough time to spend for shopping, especially if you need to buy some specific products while busy in other activities. After a preliminary consulting (online or directly in Rome), we will be able to buy everything you desire. The deliver is to your Hotel or by private courier to your country. Best results, stress free!

Online Image Consulting

Would you like to renew your image, but you do not have time for a “face-to-face” consulting here in Rome? No problem, we can provide an Online Image Consulting! Our consultants and colorists will require from you some pictures to examine, plus a Skype conversation or an email interview to understand the points that you would like to valorize. In few days, you will receive a detailed report rich in customized style advices, helpful to renew/to modify the look and to learn more about the fashion world!

Special Event Outfit Planning

If you are going to be in Rome for a special Event (a Wedding, a Gala, an important job meeting etc…) and you want to impress with a special outfit, this is the service for you. We can organize a shopping session to buy something new, or to mix and match your clothes and accessories to shape something really notable and unexpected.

Mystery Shopping

Are you interested to understand if your employers do their job properly? Would you like to shake the attention of your customers all over the world? In the age of consumerism, it is very important to study the strategies to respond in positive way to the questions above. In the full respect of privacy, we can act as Mystery Shoppers to check and value the efficiency and the proficiency inside your business and of your competitors, to develop a new approach to the market or to strengthen the one that already exists. It is the ideal service for the brand already solid and for all the innovative that wish to start creating a concrete name.

Swap Party

During a Swap Party, everybody brings a dress, an accessory or an object to exchange with another one of equivalent value (the rule is to swap just new items, or in perfect conditions). It is a very good way to spend some hours in a friendly, sparkling atmosphere, ideal for a Birthday celebration; also, a Swap Party can be organized at home, in a restaurant, in hotel, wherever there is a space to contain a group of people (more participants, more is the fun and more are the goods!). Ask us how to realize your fashion-time!

Shopping & Fashion Photo Service

Rome is a surprising city, rich of old and new, classic and original. Visiting the Eternal City as tourist, we propose to you a combination of “Shopping and Fashion pictures”: after some hours of good shopping in the city center, a professional photographer we will organize a set at your hotel or in a beautiful corner of Rome to have a photo session while wearing the items just bought. You will be back home with two memories: the elegant boutiques and the stylish pictures to show everybody. Sounds fun!!!
(This service can be realized even without the shopping part; for the photo session, you can be free to wear all the clothes and accessories that you already have with you).

Business Gifts

You are in Rome for a holiday, but you need to buy some business gifts for your colleagues, collaborators or employers. Of course, you do not want to lose some precious time of the trip to search the best products for all of them. Our Agency is right for you: after an email interview or a short meeting at your accommodation, basic to focus the specific needs, we will buy at your place all the corporate gifts, we will pack them in classy way and we will deliver to your hotel, ready to surprise and to fascinate the recipients. Top results, zero stress!
(Please notice that Christmas period, in Italy, is a very busy one. For the month of December, we recommend to book this service in advance).

Food Shopping

Food, here in Italy, is a tasty passion well known worldwide! From North to South, we have an incredible variety of products: now, you are in Rome and you have the opportunity to try many kinds of different dishes… Pasta, pizza, sweeties, specific typical ingredients can surround you: what are you going to choose? We can guide you during an amazing experience of food shopping, including the participation in wine tastings or the attending of a funny, yummy cooking class to learn all the secrets of the Italian nutrition!

Art and Antiquities Shopping

After the visiting of the Colosseum or a walking at the Roman Forum, everybody wish to buy artistic/antique goods to bring home and to make the beautiful sensation of the holiday to last for a long time. Our Agency collaborates with some of the best and most serious Art and Antiquities shops of the city: statues, paintings, historical philately and numismatic, vintage fashion, furniture… we know the best addresses to visit and to guarantee a safe, fast delivering directly to your country.

Your Bridal Stylist

Bride and Groom Image Consulting: do not miss our “Fashion and Elegance Coaching®” conceived and registered in exclusive by our Agency to be an amazing-looking couple during your Wedding Day!

Our preparation in the Personal Shopping sphere will be a plus while suggesting the perfect outfit for your Ceremony and Party: a touch of glamour and lots of self-confidence will be the main keywords to build and to communicate an alluring Total Look!

For the Bride

The Bride is the Queen of the Wedding Day!

A breathtaking dress with coordinated accessories, a short or a long veil, an elegant, refined make-up and hair styling are in the dreams of each woman since the childhood…

Our Staff is ready to:

  • Find and book for you the best local boutiques, make-up artists and hair stylists;
  • Pick the ready dress/accessories from the boutique and deliver them directly to your accommodation in Rome;
  • Select for you any original or vintage piece that you would like to complete your bridal outfit.


Contact us for more information!

For the Groom

The Groom is the King of the Wedding Day!

Even if the bride is always considered as the main character of the Event, while the guests wait with lots of expectation to see her dress, we think that the groom deserves an appropriate outfit consulting too, to appear nice and elegant in his Wedding suit.

We can offer our advices about the best style to match the bride’s dress and to be perfectly coordinated to the groomsmen and to the witnesses.

Your Italian Wedding Dress

Would you like to buy your Wedding dress and accessories directly in Rome? Do you think about a specific Italian brand?

We can book for you a consulting in a wonderful bridal atelier of the city: all the courtesy and the attention will be for you, while you will have the chance to try some of the most elegant creations ever!

If you wish a flawless result of timeless bridal beauty… Valentino, Alberta Ferretti, Dolce&Gabbana, Max Mara, Salvatore Ferragamo are just some of the ageless brand ideal for an impeccable outfit.

Are you thinking about vintage-fashion and unusual pieces? Rome offers an eclectic selection of rare clothes and accessories that we will help you to mix and match to be a rock ‘n roll bride!

(Of course, if you prefer to bring the dress and the accessories directly from your country, feel free to do it and we will help you to take care of everything until the Big Day!).