Our top 10 tips to have a wonderful Destination Wedding

Our top 10 tips to have a wonderful Destination Wedding

Are you considering a Destination Wedding? A romantic elopement with your beloved one is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!
To receive the best from your Destination Wedding, follow our top 10 tips here:

  1. Where and when? Choose the perfect destination and the best season: which is the most suitable place where you would like to get married? Are you dreaming about a summer or a winter Wedding?
    Remember to pick a place that means for you both. Prefer an eccentric location that will make everybody speechless. How far do you want to go for your Wedding experience?
  2. A new folklore – When you decide to marry abroad, it is very nice to include some new traditions in your Event. Bring a bit of local life – gastronomy, music, habits – to your Ceremony and reception, creating an unforgettable mix of classic and new.
  3. Think in time about the paperwork – Great! You have decided to have an exciting Destination Wedding: everything will be amazing and magical but… now it’s time to think about the paperwork! Which documents do you need to prepare and bring? Civil and Religious Ceremonies require a bureaucratic preparation. Organize in time!
  4. Reserve the date – Destination Weddings requests are growing, and more and more couples every year decide to plan their best day in another country. Be careful and reserve the date as soon as you decide, to take all the time to schedule every detail and to think how to optimize the budget.
  5. Write a realistic guest list – Decide who you absolutely want to be part of your Marriage. Are your families and friends ready to travel to be part of your Destination Wedding? Preparte a list of people that you think to invite, to understand if they can afford the ticket, the staying etc… Then, plan some entertaining activites for all the guests that will join your event abroad, trying to include them in the experience as much as possible. We always suggest to realize useful Welcome-Bags for all of them, filled with nice gadgets to make the trip surprising and pleasant. Remember: they have travelled to be with you!
  6. Think about your dress – Remember that your Wedding dress will travel with you as your hand-luggage. Choose a style that match the destination of the Wedding event and keep into account the season and the local habits.
  7. Before you book, cheaper it is – A service booked in advance has always a cheaper price than a last-minute request. Focus on your needs and preferences, to book in time all the services that you really want to include in your unforgettable Wedding Day. You will keep the prices (and also each service) under better control.
  8. Always be careful – You have the full right to know all the details about what you are paying for. Is it included or is it not included? Pay attention to know the complete information about each service: this is also helpful to manage the budget properly, if you decide to add some extras.
  9. Honeymoon time – If you have the chance to do it, extend your staying at the place chosen for your Destination Wedding. Visit the city and the area to relax and enjoy your Honeymoon time as Mr. and Mrs.! To combine Wedding and Honeymoon is also helpful to save the budget, because the flight is already paid!
  10. Plan, plan, plan! – A good, professional Wedding Planner will be a great help.
    Somebody local – able to speak in the local language – will interact in more productive way while dealing with the vendors and about the bureaucratic process. Also, a good Wedding Planner will help you to save money maximizing the profit), time (you arrive and everything is ready!) and lots of stress (several great creative ideas managed for you).

We wish you a wonderful day, see you next post!

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